Frequently Asked Questions:
For Pet Services

Why should you choose a Pet Sitter?

In our experience the main reason our customers decide to hire a pet sitter over placing their pet in a boarding or kennel facility, is that your pets stay in the comfort and safety of your home. This places less stress on your animal during your absence as they are familiar with their surroundings.

Some other reasons are:

  • People with multiple pets find a pet sitter to be more affordable than boarding and/or kennel facilities
  • Your pets are not exposed to other animals, in some instances these other animals could be sick
  • Your pet experiences less stress - no other animals, no parade of strangers, no noise from barking and/or meowing
  • Selecting one of our pet sitters, your animals will not need any specials shots which might be required for boarding or kenneling your pet
  • Pets are kept on their regular routine and there is no travel time to and from the kennel
  • Your pet is not caged (Unless they are crate trained to begin with)
  • No imposition on friends, family or neighbors
  • Pets at home are a crime deterrent
  • Your pet sitter brings in the mail, waters plants, takes out the trash, rotates lights and/or blinds, while checking your home for security breaks.
  • Pet Sitters give one on one attention, pampering, and observation to your pets
  • Your pets deserve the best, call Adrian Home and Pet Sitter

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